1. Ha! Couldn’t agree with all this more! I wish I had another arm (especially when my 2 month old ONLY wants to be held). Also, my hubs and I used to do movie nights all the time too – now it’s non existent. I’m too tired by the time the kids go down!!

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      I know right? I am exhausted by the end of the day or have 100 million things I have to get done before the morning haha

  2. Stef @ Crafty Christian

    So much truth here! The last movie that we went to see was the original Avengers when I was pregnant with my 4 year old! haha. But you’re right, I wouldn’t trade it for anything

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      Girl I wish I remembered the last movie… I have taken my son, but my husband and I haven’t went to the movies in years ….. I will miss everything when it is gone :(… especially when they go to college… it makes me want to cry thinking about it

  3. As an “old” mom (my kids are grown but I’m not old ;)) I know you will miss these moments more than you could imagine. Except for the poop. You will not miss the poop years. Ever!

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      for sure!! I already miss them being newborns 🙁 haha you sure you don’t miss the poop?? especially the smell? 😉

  4. Yes so true! And the private pee breaks don’t start again even when they are teenagers. I have my teens call for me and I say I’m in the bathroom and they take that as an invitation.

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      hahaha omg I cannot stop laughing!! I know well miss it when they don’t come in the bathroom anymore

  5. OH MY GOSH!!!!! I love this. I laughed and then nodded and laughed again at EVERYTHING because it’s all SO, SO, SO TRUE! I can’t even begin to say how much this post hits home. I deal with everysingleoneofyourpoints!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing and being honest girl, it’s the true and real motherhood style 😉 I’m totally saving and pinning this!

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      We have to keep it real as mothers haha Thank you girl! 🙂 So glad I am not the only one

  6. Even though I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year and thought I knew what I was getting into, watching my newborn slowly turn into a toddler was such a shock to me! I definitely miss the private pee breaks (mostly because it’s impossible to keep him out of the bathroom cabinet). And, of course, the sleep! He’s only a year old and still rarely sleeps through the night. It definitely helps to laugh about it, though.

  7. So true! It’s so much work but like you, I wouldn’t change it for the world! So rewarding and in the tough moments I try to remember how fast it goes by and how much I will miss these moments.

  8. #1 My hubby was wise (or a bad dad depending on your viewpoint) but he NEVER let me put on kiddie music in the car because he knew from his first daughter that it would take over the car stereo for all eternity
    #2 I miss my husband, and myself sometimes 🙂

  9. I loved reading your post!! I laughed the whole way through because it is SOO my life!! LOL I think what I value the most are times when I can eat in peace without sharing my food and it still being hot!

  10. Yes to all of this!!! It’s amazing how much our lives change when we become mothers, and as much as we miss those things, we can’t imagine our lives being without our kids!

  11. Great list and so true for even us not so new moms. The only one I have truly graduated from is using both my arms only because my girls are too big for me to carry around anyway. 😉

  12. Was nodding throughout this list! So, so true! Especially these days I miss my sleep, and yeah, there´s probably not a movie i have finished without falling asleep in the last year

  13. This list is so funny to me because it has been over 4 years since I have had a newborn and I remember all of these things so well with my daughter. I am due in a few months and I know I will be going back to all of these fun things 🙂 I miss the newborn snuggles, but I forgot how messy it all was, haha! My daughter is almost 5, so I don’t have a lot of these things to miss any more…mostly I miss my baby..she is a big girl now! But I am looking forward to one more round of baby things! Thanks for the cute post that made me giggle!

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      Aw congrats on another baby!! 😬😀 I’m going to miss my babies when they grow older.. are you having another girl or boy?

  14. I must admit, I’m a shower every day type of person. 😉 But, I can totally relate to most of the rest of these and oh my goodness, especially the food one! One of my biggest pet peeves is being disturbed while eating so most day I don’t eat lunch until 2:00… sometimes 3:00… if I even eat lunch at all!

  15. Too funny!!! I am not a mom but my friends who are say a lot of the same things this post said. Especially private bathroom time.

  16. Haha. So true for sleep, patience and almost everything actually. Also we become such poop experts and analysers. I don’t think twice about smelling my baby’s diapers in public. Lol
    Oh the changes we have as a mother.

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