1. This is a great post. I have a 10 month old daughter, and teaching her to be kind to others is extremely important to me. They’re never too young to start learning!

  2. What a lovely post. It is one of my greatest aspirations to raise my children with giving hearts and I want to thank you for giving me such wonderful ideas to further acheive that.

  3. I love this!!! My daughter is only two but we are already trying to teach her about giving. Love the Drive-thru one! Anytime I have extra money on me we pay for the person behind us, its amazing how one small act of kindness can turn a person’s day around! An important lesson for us all!

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      I had someone pay for my breakfast one morning….. it couldn’t be a better day for someone to do something kind for me!

  4. 21flavorsofsplendor

    Great post! We are our kids biggest role model and teaching them to be giving is so important. My girls get so excited when we they get to give to others, especially other kids.

  5. All Babied Up

    Love this post so much. So important to teach kiddos to see others as humans who deserve attention and care too.

  6. PackYourBaguios

    Just a couple of days ago, my college daughters we remembering and discussing favorite childhood memories. My youngest brought up the times our Girl Scout troop (I was their leader) when to the soup kitchen and how much they enjoyed it. They didn’t talk about expensive vacations or toys. Those have been long forgotten. Serving hot meals to the homeless was a whole lot more memorable!

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      Reading this made me smile!! I pray my kids reminisce on the same memories….I also hope I impact my kids the way you did yours!!

  7. This is AMAZING!! I definitely want to teach my son the meaning, and true joy, that is giving. You’re definitely right, it is not our responsibility to ensure that we are giving to the most ‘deserving’ of people. Even if they do walk directly into a liquor store, some good was put out into the world, and that’s really what matters. Keep up this awesome love you’ve got going on!! <3

  8. Great post! I’ve never heard of Little Loving Hands. My daughter loves to craft and create, so I think this would be a perfect way for her to learn the important lesson of giving back while doing something she loves to do!

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