1. vrsokic

    You don’t know until ya know, right?! Great advice! I would add essential oils for you and babe as well!! Diffusing lavender was so good for our sleep!

  2. wow this is so true my friend! There were so many things i didnt know when being a Mom for the first time and now having a second on the way I’m still not sure if I know everything 😉 great tips girl!

  3. 2mysillymonkey

    Informative! I totally agree about the advice comment. Same for when you are pregnant. Everyone will always give you a tip, and it’s not always going to be something that will work for your body or your baby.

  4. Great list! Meals from friends helped a ton when my first was born. We didn’t have the luxury of living near them when my second was born, and we missed having prepared meals. I did meal prep, but my son came early so I didn’t have as much food prepared as I had hoped.

  5. I remember those first few months of no sleep. That was the worst! My oldest didn’t actually sleep for the first three year—years, I barely remember, sadly….

  6. Stef @ Crafty Christian

    Newborns are so much work! But they’re so snuggly. I’m about 95% sure I’m done, but I guess you never know 😉

  7. Chel

    Excellent list and some great advice. I really didn’t think about the constant crying. I’m already emotional – so I don’t know how much more I can be. Eek!

    If we pick to have children I will totally remember to set up if family is going to help us out the first week back or not. Didn’t really think about that too.

    Lots of helpful tips! Thanks!!

  8. Latasha

    Great tips! I just became a new mommy in Sept and my son has a little bit of acid reflux. We definitely keep him up after feedings and he sleeps on an incline. Also, he had a case of bad acne a week ago so I put breastmilk on it and it cleared up within’ 2 days. 😉

    Latasha @ Arts & Budgets

  9. We don’t have kids yet, but I’m definitely saving this for my “must-remember” when that time comes…hopefully within the next year or so! 🙂 Nothing better than having first-hand advice!

  10. I [eventually] want a big family and freak out because I haven’t had to deal with infants in awhile. These tips are spot on and I see why you have such a great following. Apps are becoming more convenient by the day! I love the one dealing with crying. I will definitely be sharing some of these with some sorority sisters of mine that are expecting for the first time now. Be blessed!

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      Thank you! I come from a family of 6…. so I would love a big family… but the husband is not down with that idea haha Apps are amazing!! Love the wonder weeks!

  11. The pediatrician on speed dial… Yes! You don’t know how important that is! With our first, we were always fumbling when we had an urgent question. I tell all new moms, get that cellphone from the first check at the birthing hospital. Great post.

  12. These are great tips! I agree that the more you prepare the better off you will be. Also making a game plan with the hubby is huge. Deciding on who you want to have at the birth and who you would like to visit should be discussed before hand. You can always change your mind but it is good to be on the same page.

  13. Leaving another comment just in cause. As a mama of4 in the ages of 18 through 3 man where was these tips with my oldest I remember being SO nervous. These are awesome tips.

  14. Such a great list! I did not have my hospital bag packed when I went into labor 2 weeks early with my first. I also was not prepared for all the crying..from myself. Those hormones and lack of sleep is just brutal!

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