1. This hits home! It’s amazing how much your world change when you have children. For the better of course. However, I find myself wanting to be by there side always too. This is a lovely read!

  2. My daughter is an adult now off living her own life. I have to trust that the values I instilled in her growing up, will help her make the correct choices in life.

    I think the scariest stages of parenthood is the toddler stage: when they are just starting to become their own little person and adulthood. When they are adults you really have to step back and let them succeed or fail on their own. For a parent that is scary.

  3. Love this! My mom was the exact same way. Always stayed up until I got home, calling if I was past curfew, flipping the light switch on the front porch when she knew I was in the driveway. But you’re right. I totally get it now and there’s no way I’m falling asleep when my kids go out and come home. We aren’t perfect parents, but we do our best.

  4. I love this and it has so been weighing on my mind lately! I have 3 girls, two toddlers with my husband and one teenage stepdaughter. My husband is a paramedic/firefighter so I am the one thats usually home and am also the “bad guy” a lot enforcing curfew and such. And I know she doesn’t completely understand, and may sometimes be upset with me. And sometimes its really really hard. But oh my our mama heart are so full of love and worry.

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