1. Love this list! My daughter and I kiss 10 times before she leaves for school 🙂 And these reminders are so important during all the holiday rush!

  2. This is a great list. I have to say cuddling is my favorite. My kids are always up for cuddles. It melts my heart when they come up to me and ask for cuddles. They are 7 and 3 mama never says not to cuddles. <3

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      Cuddles are my fav!!! So oh are exactly right…. I’ll never deny a cuddle time! Hope mine still want it at 7

  3. I love this! It really is the little things. I’ve started a little tradition with my four-year-old where after Daddy puts him to bed I go in and snuggle him for a few minutes and scratch his head. I love the quiet time it gives us to end the day on a good note, no matter what else happened earlier. I want to print this out and keep it nearby to remind me to sneak other little moments like that into my day.

  4. LOOOOOVE this!!! There are so many amazing ideas on this list, and they all truly would just brighten my son’s (and my!) day. Taking time to really make your kids feel special just does so much for them, doesn’t it? Thanks for such an amazing list <3

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