1. I try really hard not to talk negatively about my husband because he’s a huge help around here, even if he does things to irritate me. The kids on the other hand … it took a bit more work to see the positive side of the craziness with the kids. But, I started using a reward jar with my consequence jar, and I realized my daughter isn’t as bad as I felt she was 🙂 Finding a way to reframe our thoughts just takes creativity at times.

  2. 2mysillymonkey

    Yes! I think we need it all. Need to have that vent moment. Have our friend give the empathetic “I feel you” response and then offer problem solving or alternative perspective.

  3. This is one of the most true articles that I have ever read. I had a friend who was pretty down in the dumps and she would make it to where her other friends were the same way. Misery really does love company.

  4. I love this! I totally have an issue with venting. But I need to remember to help out my mama friends by encouraging them when we are all venting about something.

  5. This is some great food for thought. I usually try to remind myself not to vent about people, but about situations. And to vent to the Lord- He is the best listener and problem solver, anyway.

  6. This is true. We have to honor our husbands in all of our speak. It’s so easy to let the tongue slip. I do like your approach on the subject and agree 100%. Even when we are venting, we need to be encouraging in our words. They leak so easily into our minds.

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