1. I’ve never thought of doing something like this, Genius!! My kids would love having another day that’s all about them. So great that you incorporated learning time (and they’re none the wiser!)

  2. This is so cute! My cousin is always looking for ways to entertain her kiddos at family gatherings. Thanksgiving themed activities will be great for next week!

  3. Great post and very cute pictures. I like the idea of the food table and making them feel grown up. I know it was always special for my son if we let him feel like he was a “grown up” 🙂

  4. I really like this post. The holidays are a special time that we need to spend with our families. And this post has given me some ideas on decor.

  5. Never heard of Kidsgiving before but it sounds like an awesome idea to make kids understand the importance of the Thanksgiving. Also, loved your pictures and DIY!

  6. Elizabeth O.

    Arts and crafts is a great way to spend extra time with them while also having fun! I love that you decided to do something for Thanksgiving because it’s also a chance to tell them more about the history.

  7. Rhewi Montemayor

    Awesome and great diy ideas! You’re very creative.. And your kids is so cute and adorable..

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