1. Beautiful Room. We recently found out we are having a little girl so I’m loving looking at all of the little girl ideas.

  2. I saw your post on instagram and am in love with your nursery! I wish I put more time into decorating! Maybe I will try it out haha

  3. Such a beautiful room. It’s so relaxing and feminine. I don’t have any girl’s…just three boys. However, I’d love to put a few of these touches in my own bedroom.

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      thank you! It is very relaxing! awww…a mom of three boys!! you are a blessed woman!

  4. Im so in love with every item on your wish list decor ideas. It is so feminine, classic and refreshing. Like you said, it somewhere you just want to hang out all day.

    Great post!

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