1. This was so good to read. I think we all have moments where we doubt ourselves, and sometimes it’s good to know we aren’t the only ones. Love that we are all trying to good parents, and being kind to our selves is important too.

  2. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I always think of this quote when I start to feel down on myself compared to other moms. I’m glad your faith has helped you during those times. Being a mom, wife, woman, etc. is so hard sometimes!

  3. I have totally left bags at the store when my kids were acting crazy! 😉 You shouldnt be so hard on yourself, you are a wonderful wife and momma, we all have bad days!

  4. So true. It helps me so much in those moments to RECOGNIZE the source of the negativity and push back against it, saying, “Get out.” It’s kind of funny to say it (even out loud sometimes), but I think there is power in taking charge and refusing to give in to darkness.

  5. I’m over here like AMEN AMEN AMEN!! I can relate so much to this post. The devil comes to seek, kill, and destroy. He knows our weaknesses and will use them every chance he can get.
    Im loving all these songs, too! Jeremy Camp is a family favorite 🙂
    Thank you for this reminder, mama!

  6. yes momma! Mothers spend so much time tearing themselves down. And it can spill onto our husbands or children. We need to remember not to let this negativity in. Thank YOU for reminding ME just now. 🙂

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