1. danidealwithit

    I have no girls. (sigh) However, I do love all of these ideas. Its so important to bond with the little ones with a special occasion and these are all fantastic options.

  2. I love these ideas!! As a mom with two young daughters, I too like to find ways to intentionally spend one-on-one time with my little chicas. We love to have slumber parties and go to the mall (really B&N, but to my daughter it’s one in the same). Thanks for the additional ideas!

  3. Love it and all the great ideas! This is so true and so encouraging. We have 3 daughters, so this hit so close to home for me. My husband and I have talked about making time spent with our girls more intentional. And we need to schedule date nights with them just like we schedule our own date nights.

  4. We do one-on-one time with each of our kids as much as we can. It’s so important, for all of us! These are great daughter date ideas. My own daughter and I have done some of these, and I love having this list as inspiration for our future outings! Thanks!

  5. JugglingMother

    I love this list, so many great ideas. My daughter has three brothers so we do spend some girl time together. Now that she is a tween, we are able to do the mani/pedi and girly things more often. Shopping is always a big one too, especially now that she is “into” her hair and clothing. From your list, I will definitely try the spa day – what is not to like? Now that she decided she likes coffee, I suppose, that can become a date too!

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