1. Rachel G

    hahaha! That’s real life! Photos of toddlers are not easy–we took family photos earlier in the month, and there’s a bunch of teens in our family, and even that was difficult!

  2. This post is real life and it brought a huge smile to my face. As a mom, i’ve been there. Now that my son is a teenager he’s not much better about smiling for family pictures. I think the pictures of them with the wreaths are adorable though! I’d use those and make a collage Christmas card!

  3. I feel you! Every time I ask my kids “can I get a picture?” they revolt! I have to sneak in my cute pics when they’re doing something fun. 🙂

  4. Elizabeth O.

    Kids and picture taking are two things that will never go well together! I’ve had so many of these fails during the years when the twins were little and would rather be doing something else than pose for the camera.

  5. Madi White

    Oh my gosh I can so relate! I am still trying to get a cute pic of my little girl in her Christmas jammies!

  6. lovelyluckylife

    The pics are still super cute and 15 years from now you will all look back on them and say “oh, that was the Christmas you were being crazy and wouldn’t smile for the camera” – I can relate to this all too well 😉

  7. Your kids are adorable! I could relate how hard it is to get the best shot from small kids. They don’t stay still. Best picture I took for my kids were keeping it real!

  8. Our holiday photos were an epic disaster because of my 3 year old plus the 8 month old had ear infections so wasn’t much in the mood for smiling. Somehow the photographer managed to make our family not look like a total shit show. God bless photographers haha

  9. These are the best kind of pictures to look back on though. We have them too and they are hilarious to us nowadays. They are great memories and absolutely adorable!

  10. Your children are adorable! Love this post! I don’t have children but I do photography. You are so right, when the littles have a melt down its best to realized they have bad days too. If we are patient, before long we will get the perfect shot. I love your point about bribing too early wiith candy. Sooo good.

  11. Sounds all too familiar! We took our christmas photos earlier this week and my usually happy go lucky baby was EXTREMELY fussy as soon as we got to the picture place. I guess cameras just do that to kids i guess! lol But we did get some good shots out of it and it looks like you got a couple as well!

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