1. Anne Yedlin

    These are some adorable ideas. I love making crafts with the kids and making some awesome memories.

  2. You’re so right they grow up too quickly! I love the idea of doing a hand print craft every Christmas so you can track how they grow. I haven’t done before so I will start the tradition this year!

  3. mommysavy

    I love these ideas! I am such a sentimental mom, I need to capture every moment! I love the idea of the handprint growing tree

  4. twoboysonepup

    Love these ideas! Handprints and a time capsule picture are great for us, since my boys are still too small for most crafts!

  5. These are such great ideas! I really love any activity that builds memories. The ornament one is super cute. I’m going to save this for later!

  6. Love the sentiments and certainly brings back memories of when I was a new parent. Sentimentality is not limited to the mother. Love the neat ideas as well – really cool.

  7. Those clear ornaments are adorable! I will be suggesting them to my nieces and nephews. Great way to take a trip down memory lane in their later years.

  8. Elizabeth O.

    It’s always nice to have traditions to help celebrate a milestone! These are wonderful ideas for the family!

  9. The ornaments are beautiful.
    I know how fast time seems to run away from us as our little ones grow up. I’m trying to enjoy every moment I can with mine also.
    I love the tradition you have with your family and I know they’ll always have this and carry it on.

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      Thank you!! 🙂 Oh my goodness… I hate how fast the years are flying by… makes me want to cry all the time haha 🙁

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