1. Love these tips! My older daughter will be 4 in a few months and I feel like this time is so important with building her confidence. I often have to encourage her to try new things and be independent so she knows she CAN do things for herself.

  2. Putting God at the center of everything helps to make any person not just children overly confident…with god before me who can be against me!!! Great post!

  3. Chrissy Z. @ The Brave Wanderer

    These are all amazing tips! We need to encourage our kids to be themselves, to live their lives and to make mistakes. We need to teach them that everyone is beautiful and unique and deserves our respect.

  4. Stef @ Crafty Christian

    Great tips! Helping our children be confident is so important if we want to raise them to flourish as adults 🙂

  5. 2mysillymonkey

    Love these tips! I always try to praise the actions of things mine has done or thank her for listening (when she actually does)!

  6. twoboysonepup

    Love these tips! Super important! I like that you mentioned letting them be independent. I think it’s easy to want to correct them or do things for them, but they don’t learn that way!

  7. fivelittlebearsblog

    These are great tips. I think its easy to do these when you have a baby or toddler but as they get older sometimes we slack so I’ve made it a point to do these with my older kids more. my favorite is always be their biggest cheerleader. My kids all play sports and I’ve been known to get a little to into the game. lol. This past fall at my sons football game my husband said brittany you are THAT MOM i was like what that mom? He said i was screaming to loud. I thought about this the whole game and thought maybe I should tone it down a bit, until my son finished his game and was talking about getting a touch down and said dad did you see me get the touch down? I said bentley I saw it and he said I know mom I could hear you cheering all the way on the field with a big smile 🙂 I will never stop cheering on my kids but thats what they will remeber! Sorry for the long comment

  8. These are some great tips! It is so easy to get caught up in this merry go round of life and let the kiddos get lost in the shuffle. Time to slow down and show them some love and attention.

  9. Love your list! It’s so important to instill confidence in our kids, especially with love and time. I also am a big believer in quantity time, as much as possible depending on the situation. Your kids will one day realize what a special mama they have 🙂

  10. These are some great tips! I have a hard time with them being independent. I guess I can be considered over bearing so I am definitely working on that to better my chances of my girls being confident!

  11. Growing up zee

    It’s SO hard to emulate self confidence sometimes – you don’t realize your mini-me’s are watching everything! Staring at the mirror, trying on tons of outfits, hair and makeup all the time – kids pick up on these behaviors and start to mimic – I even see it in my 2 year old! Great reminder that we are their first teachers 🙂

  12. I love these! I think teaching them to “be their own beautiful” is so super important. If they believe they are beautiful they will exude confidence. Great post, Mama!

  13. itsahero

    Yes, yes, YES! This is such a great post. I try to be the kind of parent that does these things. I feel like I am, but it’s nice to have a reminder!

  14. Love all of these! My nephew struggles with confidence because everything seems to come easier to his twin sister and she tends to do every milestone first. Will send this to my SIL maybe she can take something away from this…

  15. Such great ways to build confidence! I sometimes forget I need to do this with my twins because they are pretty confident already. However, I see the need in my oldest, as he is trying more new things in school. I try to be very supportive and encouraging when he tries something new, and doesn’t get it right the first time. Reading has been a bit of a struggle, but we’re getting there, and confidence is definitely key.

    • marymozingo53@gmail.com

      I taught reading for five years, so I know what you mean. I had to really encourage those student like
      You… the more I encourage the better they got 🙂

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