Little Blue Truck Farm Day | Farm Day


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So my son is now obsessed with farms….farm animals, farm noises, and he is constantly singing E-I-E-I-O as he talks about farms.  One of his favorite books is…… drum roll please…. “The Little Blue Truck”… maybe because it’s about a farm? Harper is also jumping on the band wagon as she growls at every animal in sight.  Soooooo a farm day? Um it had to happen! Being a stay at home mom, you have to use what you have and just be creative.  So I used the following foods for their farm day snacks:

-Oreos for spare truck tires

-Chocolate cake for the mud

-Stick pretzels for hay

-Fruit… well for fruit.. you know… it’s a farm 🙂 (plus they love fruit)

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We dressed the kiddos in partial farm attire…. I realized I have got to buy some farmer clothes for these babies! Literally… this was all we had… jeans, old cowboy boots for Harp, and a TOO small cowboy hat.

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I had some book manipulative for the kids to follow along as I read them the book. They loved to show me the animals as we said the sounds… and I would help them hold up the right sound sticks.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt for them to see how the sounds actually looked when written out. This would be a great activity when teaching kids how to read and connect to books.  My kids picked up the characters as we read the book.

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Big Blue Truck Theme Day

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After we read the book,  we created some animals faces… as you can easily see… they ended up being deformed animals.  Some had 3 eyes…some had 1 …but still perfect in every way.

It really was the best themed day we’ve had so far.  The kids not only learned more about their animals… but we sang, ate, and celebrated thru arts and crafts.

Luke 12:24-Look at the ravens,  They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feed them.  And you are far more valuable to him than any birds. Can all your worries add a single minute to your life?

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  1. So adorable!! Such a cute way to do a farm theme. I love the way you did the cake and the cake stand!

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