1. I really love this. SO MUCH. Majority of adults think that our kids are too little to understanding, when the truth is they are so intelligent and a SPONGE to pick up everything we do. Thank you for this.

  2. #1 is so important! I didn’t realize that my kids were completely watching my every behavior and word until one day my child told me he had a big nose – he doesn’t! But I used to say that about myself all the time – until I realized that he was projecting my thoughts of my big nose onto himself.

  3. I love this…so much!!! Modeling the behavior we want our kids to display is so so important, and it really ties into why we shouldn’t parent with fear. Number 4 is something that I really try and focus a lot of my time on, because sometimes it’s so easy to get frustrated with a toddler, and I don’t want to teach him it’s okay to respond to frustration by yelling. Thank you so much for sharing this! <3

  4. Love these tips! I love encouraging with positivity instead of always pointing out the negative and saying you can’t do this, or you can’t do that. I know I would get tired of hearing that all day too!

  5. Oh momma – I loved this post. Every word was so convicting and challenging to me in the best ways. My son is entering the terrible-two’s and it has been a little rough around our house lately and gosh it’s hard to stay calm when he’s ripping out my hair. 😉 But I love the reminder of respect instead of fear and focusing on the positive aspects of their character. Thank you again for this! You blessed my heart this morning.

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