Teacher to Teacher Tips

Before my kids were born, I was a 6th grade teacher to some pretty great kids! I will always remember my first year of teaching.  I fell in love with my students, my school, and my job.  I could be found in my classroom from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m..  I LOVED it. I cannot […]

The day my baby boy got a little bit older 

Today my sweet Brooks went to his first day of 2 year old preschool. He went to school, and I went to the twilight zone full of crazy emotions and a broken heart. Moms and their babies … I never knew how strong that bond was until I gave birth to my son. Yesterday it […]

Pizzeria at the Casa

Pizzzzzaaaaaa!!! My vice!! It’s my fat food that I constantly crave exactly the same time when I’m working out and trying to follow Autumn Calabrese’s unsuccessful food plan that never seems to fit in with my daily schedule. My kids have seemed to inherent my pizza obsession! Making pizzas may become a daily ritual for […]

Feathers and masks on a rainy day 

<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> It has been EXTREMELY hot lately, and I can just hear Mother Nature scream “cool us down dang-it!!” So with the hot weather comes the rain, and being stuck inside means it’s my job to find something creative to do for the kids which usually leads to […]

Drive-In Movie Night

Drive-in movie night was a success or thumbs-up according to our little man Brooks. We wanted to do something different this weekend and since the kids love movies, candy, and popcorn… Well it was a no brainer. We literally used things we had around the house besides the purchase of the $2 boxes. My husband […]

Brent’s Big 3-4

<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Well the ole husband is 34! My husband is the most selfless man I know…We usually don’t give each other bought presents but we’ll make something from the kids and usually go on a small get out of town trip. I wanted Brents gift to somehow be […]

Justin Timberlake is my Hero

Justin Timberlake has turned our house to the club of the century. I cannot ever get a quality picture of his sweet dance moves, but this child of mine can dance better than anyone in the house (not a lot of competition here, but his moves are legit). Brooks has some smoothness to his shoulder […]

Painting my World One Day at a Time

Seriously…. I LOVE paint! Even when I’m bored at times, I’ll play with paint. Today I covered the table with Kraft paper and let the kids go to town. Harper can hang with brother until she decides to get a little too abstract crazy, and it looks like a paint bomb went off on her […]