Because of You, I Can Carry the World | Our Children Make Us Stronger

    To my children who make me feel like I can carry the world,   Before you, I never fully grasped myself.  My self confidence was teeter tottering and nothing really felt… well…. right.  I can’t tell you I actually knew what I was missing until you took your first breath, and we shared […]

Gem 2 years old Birthday party

Harper’s Gem Birthday  | Girl Gem Birthday Party

This might have been the most fun I’ve had planning my girls birthday party! Her personality is so vibrant and lively….I knew it had to have pops of color! Plus she is a dancing queen…. so music has to be involved somehow! This 2 year old is definitely a GEM!  I came across a gem […]

Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Party: Brooks 3rd Birthday | Star Wars Birthday

And then he turned three!  I still remember setting my eyes on him for the first time and my whole world transforming in seconds.  This guy will forever be my baby boy.  Whether he is 1….3…. or 30.  He can squeeze my hand and stop my heart in seconds.  The power our kids have over […]

Methods To Teach Your Toddler to Spell His Name

Teaching My 2 Year Old How To Spell His Name

My son is a prime example that consistency is the key to learning.  Not only is consistency an important factor, but it’s got to be engaging for them to make that connection. When Brooks turned two, he started recognizing his name.  He would point to his name and say “ME!”  This was my sign that he […]

Our kids teach us more than we could imagine.

I Want to Be My Kids When I Grow Up

Herbert Hoover once said, ” Children are our most valuable resource.” President Hoover must have had kids like mine. As parents, we are given a responsibility as soon as they are born.  The responsibility of taking care of a real person’s life.  Teaching them how to be civilized adults, God followers, and strong husbands or […]

Let Them Soak: Soak up your kids before it is gone

Let Them Soak

Here in the South….we let our dirty dishes soak.  Not sure if it’s pure laziness or the smartest decision we can make when it comes to cleaning our grimy casserole dishes.  Either way it’s what we do. Staring at my two casserole dishes in the sink, I smiled.  I didn’t smile because I knew I […]

Ways to help an emotional toddler: Parent Tips from a Mom

Ways to Help an Emotional Toddler

Okay so I am SUPER famous.  Heads turn when I walk in the room.  No really.  I am the mom who walks in a crowded room, and everyone knows I am there.  Not because I am really, really, ridiculously good looking (ha if only).   No ma’am…. it’s because I am the mom of the little boy […]

Effective Learning Activity for Toddler's Developmental Milestone and Language

Effective Learning Activity for Developmental Milestones and Language

I’ve never seen Brooks so enthusiastic about learning before this activity.  The Parents as Teachers program gave me the idea to use contact paper and a variety of familiar objects to not only encourage conversation but to help Brooks learn the concept of weight (some objects were too heavy to stick which helped him further […]